Skybound Announces Creative Teams for New ‘Creepshow’ Comic

Skybound’s line-up of creative teams for their upcoming adaptation of Shudder’s TV series Creepshow this September is sure to keep you up at night in anticipation of some high quality thrills and chills.  

Writer/artist Chris Burnham begins the festivities in issue one of the five part mini-series (in stores on September 21) with a classic “Halloween-gone-wrong” tale about wayward trick or treaters. Burnham is followed by Paul Dini, Stephen Langford, and John McCrea with the introduction of Shingo, the birthday clown (and this being a Creepshow comic, you can probably infer that balloon animals are not part of his act).

Subsequent issues will feature work by Josh Malerman, David & Maria Lapham, Steve FoxeKelley Jones, and Steve Orlando and each issue of the Creepshow comic anthology series will follow the same format of the debut issue, with two stories each month.

Burnham’s long connection with Creepshow started when “I first saw Creepshow in third or fourth grade…right around the time I had the initial germ of the idea for the story in this issue! I was absolutely terrified to take more than one candy bar from the TAKE ONE bowl. What if the owner of the house was hiding in wait? And what would they do if they caught me?!? I’ve chewed these questions over for thirty years…and this story is the definitive answer!”  

Check out Burnham’s main cover and the first four pages of his story below and look for variant covers by Declan Shalvey and a 1:10 incentive cover by Vance Kelly at your local comic shop on September 21.

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