‘Silver Surfer: Parable’ Epic Collection Contains Stan Lee & Moebius Story

The upcoming Silver Surfer Epic Collection contains some of the best Surfer stories of the late 1980s including the Stan Lee/Moebius tale “Parable”.

The Silver Surfer: Parable Epic Collection features the 1988 Epic Comics two issue series by Lee and Moebius, John Buscema and Lee’s reunion (with scripting help from Tom DeFalco) in 1988’s Judgement Day graphic novel, and the second half of Steve Englehart and Ron Lim’s excellent run on the 1987 Silver Surfer on-going series.

The entire list includes: Silver Surfer #15-23, Silver Surfer Annual #1-2, Fantastic Four #325, Marvel Graphic Novel: Silver Surfer: Judgement Day, Epic Comics Silver Surfer #1-2, and the Surfer’s story for Marvel Comics Presents #1.

Look for the Silver Surfer: Parable Epic Collection at you favorite comic shop on April 27, 2022, with a retail price of $44.99.

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