‘Silver Surfer’ Omnibus by Dan Slott, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred Soars Back into Stores

Dan Slott, Michael Allred, and Laura Allred’s Eisner Award winning take on the introspective Norrin Radd is collected once again in March in a new edition of their Silver Surfer Omnibus.

The Surfer and friend/love interest Dawn Greenwood of Earth travel the universe in search of new adventures with encounters with past friends and foes, as well as new ones such as the Never Queen, Warrior One, and Jumbonox the Giganormous.

The poignant, funny, heart-breaking and life-affirming tale was originally presented in Silver Surfer (2014) #1-15, Silver Surfer (2016) #1-14, and a story from Marvel Now! Point One.

The Silver Surfer Omnibus retails for a suggested price of $100 for 688 cosmic pages.

The Omnibus was originally published in 2018, and will be available again on March 7.

Check out the the two covers below (the second one is the comic shop variant) and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your comic news.

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