Shigeru Miyamoto Tours Super Nintendo World of Universal Studios Japan in New Video

Super Nintendo World isn’t open to guests at Universal Studios Japan just yet… but when you’re the legendary game designer who created Mario, Link, Donkey Kong and more, they’ll make an exception! Nintendo just released a new video featuring Shigeru Miyamoto touring the land, showing off new gadgets, and exploring some of the secrets of the park.

In the video, Miyamoto notes many of the minute details of the attraction that make Super Nintendo World come to life. The clip kicks off in Peach’s castle, which features everything from the location-accurate music from Super Mario 64 and image-shifting paintings.

Miyamoto also shows how the park’s new Power-Up Bands will function within the park. Guests can tap blocks using their bands to play games and earn coins. The bands are also fully compatible with amiibos, and can be used at home.

Nintendo World premiers at Universal Studios Japan on February 4th, 2021 Mario Kart: Koopa’s Challenge will open with the park.

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