Richard Corben Library Coming to Dark Horse Comics in 2023

Richard Corben’s recent and classic work returns to Dark Horse Comics as part of an exclusive line in 2023 that will include reprints of his long-out-of-print work, as well as new material that has never previously been collected, in deluxe hardcover editions.

The late Corben’s last series from Heavy Metal magazine, Murky World, will lead the way in April 2023, with a first time collection of the anthologized series, complete with a new introduction by Mike Mignola, Corben’s Dark Horse Presents one-shot, and never-before-seen bonus material.

The character that introduced many Corben fans to his art, Den, returns for the muscle-man’s 50th anniversary with a brand new hardcover edition of Den: Neverwhere. The original art will be restored by José Villarrubia for the new book, a long-time collaborator of Corben’s, and he will also provide a new foreword to Neverwhere.

José Villarrubia said, “Growing up Richard Corben was my idol and years later I was fortunate to be his collaborator and eventually to consider him a friend. He was the most innovative comics creator of the 20th century, distinguished by his virtuosity in using mixed media. His color was without paragon and continues to surprise me. Studying his work has been and is a lifelong passion.”

Den: Neverwhere (originally collected by Fantagor in 1991) will also include an introduction by comedian, actor, and writer, Patton Oswalt.

Corben’s wife Dona said that “I’m so pleased and proud to share Corben art and stories with the world. It means so much to me to make his early works available in print again; and, I’m excited to share his new story that he poured all of his imagination and artistic vision into. I’m incredibly proud of him as an artist and a person, and touched that his work means so much to so many.”

The Murky World HC will be available at comic stores on May 3, 2023 (and in bookstores May 9) and will retail for $39.99.

The Den: Neverwhere HC will be available in comic shops on August 30, 2023 for a suggested retail price of $34.99.

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