Phillip Kennedy Johnson and Julius Ohta Launch New ‘Alien’ Mission this August

Writer Phillip Kennedy Johnson will be joined by artist Julius Ohta for a continuation of Marvel Comics exploration of the world of Alien in a brand new series this August.

The new chapter, “Icarus”, picks up after Johnson and Salvador Larroca’s “Bloodlines” series (which marked Marvel’s first licensed Alien comic) with a brand new cast of characters including a group of synths, United System soldiers, and the prospect of some life-saving biotech.

Johnson calls “Writing Season 1 of Marvel’s ALIEN was a horror fanboy’s dream come true. We got to tell exactly the story we wanted to tell, bringing horrific new species of Xenomorph to life while also exploring the themes of family and corporate distrust that are such a crucial part of the films. And as much as I loved our Season 1, we’re outdoing it in every way in the new series.” 

Johnson also praised Ohta saying that his work on the title “…is exceeding all expectations as series artist. Every background, every facial expression and emotion, and of course, all the environmental creepiness and full-on body horror is lovingly rendered by Julius, who is at the absolute top of his game right now. I can’t say enough great things about him. Fans are going to be truly spoiled. Stay tuned for one of the best, most beautiful ALIEN comics ever made.”

Ohta called the assignment “a huge responsibility” but that he also “…couldn’t expect a better welcome from the creative team. It is been fantastic to work with Phillip, Sarah [Brunstad] and everyone involved. Phillip is a genius and also a gentleman and is always looking for something to make the story better. When I started reading the script, I couldn’t stop until I reached the last page. I could talk about it forever… Sarah is such a kind editor and it’s been a dream to work with these guys!

Check out the stunning cover by Bjorn Barends below and look for the first issue at you local comic shop on August 10.

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