‘New X-Men’ Omnibus Once Again Collects Entire Grant Morrison Run

Previously collected in 2006, 2012, and 2016, Grant Morrison’s highly influential run on the New X-Men is once again available in a new Omnibus edition at your local comic shop.

As with previous editions, the New X-Men Omnibus collects X-Men #114-154 and New X-Men Annual 2001, with art by Frank Quitely, Leinil Francis Yu, Ethan Van Sciver, Igor Kordey, Tom Derenick, John Paul Leon, Phil Jimenez, Keron Grant, Chris Bachalo, Marc Silvestri, Tim Townsend, Mark Morales, Dan Green, Gerry Alanguilan, Prentis Rollins, Scott Hanna, Sandu Florea, Rich Perrotta, Danny Miki, Bill Sienkiewicz, Andy Lanny, Norm Rapmund, Al Vey, Aaron Sowd, Simon Coleby, Joe Weems, Batt, Billy Tan, Eric Basaldua, and Avalon Studios.

Morrison’s re-imagined costumes were only the tip of the psychedelic iceberg during his run, with a series of strange new threats such organ harvesters, sentient bacteria, power-enhancing street drugs, and a series of new, odd mutant, alien, and human adversaries.

Morrison elevated Emma Frost to prominence in the series, and introduced the world to Xorn, a new Angel, Beak, Dust, Fantomex, X-Corp, and telepathic quintuplets the Stepford Cuckoos. His prime team consisted of Cyclops, Beast (with a new lion-esque look), Wolverine, Jean Grey, Professor X, and Frost.

The New X-Men Omnibus consists of 1,120 pages for a suggested retail price of $125.00.

Check out both covers by Quitely below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your X-Men news.

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