New Deluxe Edition of ‘Wolverine: Snikt!’ Brings Logan Back to the World of Manga

Some things are able to be understood regardless of the native language you speak, such as the sound that Wolverine’s claws make before they slice you in half!

In honor of this international phenomenon, Viz will bring back Wolverine: Snikt! (the original Wolverine manga story by Tsutomu Nihei) in a new deluxe edition this June. This also marks the first time that the story has been published in traditional manga format, as the original was published in 2003 as a standard Western comic book in a five issue mini-series.

Wolverine: Snikt! begins in a ruined apocalyptical dimension when some of the last surviving humans turn to the furry mutant to protect them from deadly robotic organisms, just as he begins to devolve into a more animalistic form.

The deluxe edition includes Nihei’s original story along with an introduction by Nick Dragotta and an art gallery featuring never before published artwork.

Fans can check out a preview of the new edition right here.

Viz has published a number of new manga takes on classic Marvel heroes in recent years such as Deadpool and Spider-Man.

Look for Wolverine: Snikt! at your local book store or comic shop on June 27 (for a suggested retail price of $19.99) and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Wolverine news.

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