Marvel Legends Galactus Action Figure by HasLab is Biggest of All Time

Galactus, otherwise known as “The Devourer of Worlds” or “He Who Hungers”, usually maintains his life force by draining your homeworld, but this time he will replenish himself by draining your wallet!

Hasbro Toys special project and crowdfunding division, HasLab, just launched a campaign to bring the largest Marvel Legends figure yet to life, and he is massive. Standing at almost three feet tall (and covered in intricate LED-enhanced details), Galactus will tower over any other Marvel Legends figure in your collection.

This enormous figure is currently available to back for a Galactus-sized price of $399.99 until August 30, 2021. If successfully backed, the project will begin shipping around Fall 2022.

Check out all of the specs, some impressive images, and everything you get with this big boy below:

  • 32-inch (812.8 mm) Galactus figure
  • +300 pieces and +70 points of articulation!
  • 20 points of articulation in each hand!
  • LEDs in the head and chest (4x AAA batteries required, not included)
  • 3 swappable face-plate accessories for alternate expression
  • Marvel Insider Points Redemption code (70,000 points per purchase, limit 2 code redemptions per account) & all three digital comics issues of the Galactus Trilogy (Fantastic Four #48-50, Lee/Kirby, 1966).

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