Larry Hama Returns to Madripoor and ‘Wolverine: Patch’ in New Mini-Series

Larry Hama makes his second return to his classic Wolverine stories in under a year with the upcoming Wolverine: Patch mini-series.

Collaborating with Hama on Wolverine: Patch this March is artist Andrea Di Vito and cover artist Geoff Shaw.

The story takes places before the start of Hama’s nearly seven year run on the title (spanning from 1990 to 1997 of the original Wolverine on-going series), and returns Logan to Madripoor and his Patch alias. And if one “patch” wasn’t enough for you, just take a gander at the cover, as you will find that the original one-eyed cigar-smoking tough guy Nick Fury is also along for the ride in the mini-series.

Hama made his initial return to Wolverine in last September’s X-Men Legends anthology series, with a tale set in the middle of his work on Wolverine featuring Jubilee, Lady Deathstrike, and The Hand.

Check out Shaw’s cover below and look for Patch at your favorite comic store in Madripoor on March 22.

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