‘Knights of Pendragon’ Omnibus Collects the Entire Marvel UK Series and Spin-Offs

Just in case you missed out on one of the stand-out titles launched by Marvel Comics in 1990 as part of their Marvel UK imprint, The Knights of Pendragon, Marvel is brining back them back in a King (Arthur) Sized Omnibus in December 2022!

Although the Marvel UK comics were geared towards readers in the United Kingdom, many comic shops in the US did carry them, and Knights of Pendragon had one of the longest and most memorable runs of any of the titles.

The Knights of Pendragon Omnibus contains both original ongoing series (Knights of Pendragon (1990) #1-18 and Knights of Pendragon (1992) #1-15) and the spin-off mini-series (Mys-Tech Wars #1-4 and Dark Guard # 1-4) by writers Dan Abnett and John Tomlinson and artists Gary Erskine, Kevin Hopgood, Mike Collins, Phil Gascoine, John Royle, Terry Clarke, John Ross, Bryan Hitch, and Carlos Pacheco. The series were also know for their cover art by the likes of Alan Davis, Simon Bisley, Mark Farmer, John Bolton, and Liam Sharpe.

The Knights were an eclectic mix of established superheroes such as Captain Britain and Union Jack and non-powered individuals such as detective Dai Thomas, reporter Kate McClellan and writer Ben Gallagher, who found themselves “knighted” by the spirit of The Green Knight (from the Arthurian story “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight”) and granted supernatural abilities to protect the Earth and themselves from menaces such as Mys-Tech, Baron Blood, Death’s Head II, and the Red Lord.

Look for The Knights of Pendragon Omnibus in comic shops on December 20, 2022 with a retail price of $125 for 1016 pages of content.

Check out both the standard and variant covers by Davis below and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of your comic news.

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