General Mills ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’ Cereal Now Available in Stores

If you just can’t wait to indulge in some Ghost Busting fun before Ghostbusters: Afterlife‘s release date this November, General Mills is bringing back a classic that many young “busters” enjoyed back in 1985.

The new cereal (pattered after the original cereal and box) is now hitting shelves across the country in regular and family-sized boxes.

It is unclear at this time if the Ghostbuster: Afterlife Cereal will have a glow in the dark box ala the original, but the cereal appears pretty similar to the original with ghost and ectoplasm (or is that supposed to be Slimer?) shaped marshmallows and fruit flavored oats. It also appears that this version will not feature classic toys such as a ghost flyer disc or bazooka gum (just in case your cereal didn’t contain enough sugar back in 1985).

Be on the lookout for the ghosts at you local supermarket this month.

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