Garth Ennis and Rapha Lobosco Sign on for New Dynamite James Bond Adventure

Garth Ennis and Rapha Lobosco take 007 into his tenth year at Dynamite Comics with a brand new Bond series entitled “Your Cold, Cold Heart” this January.

Ennis took his inspiration for the series from the original Ian Fleming novels and “When I took a look at the Bond of the Fleming novels, as opposed to the larger-than-life figure from the movies, I saw a great deal more potential — a much darker character in a more interesting world.”

This new story sees the special agent pursuing a relic of the Cold War, the deadly compound Stalvoda (translated as “steel water” in Russian) which is rumored to have the capability to kill an enemy without inflicting any visible damage.

Expect to see appearances by many of Bond’s supporting cast such as M, Q, Moneypenny, and Felix Leiter, and a new character created by the team, Archie Tryon. Tryon is described as “an eccentric, old veteran who enjoys strolls into the sea” who also brought the original Stalvoda formula out of the Soviet Union years ago.

Dave Johnson will provide the covers for the new series.

Look for the Bond series in stores in January 2024 and check out a sample of Johnson’s cover work below.

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