Funko Announces ‘Blade Runner’ Pop! Figures

Funko announced they will achieve the impossible with a new line of Pop! figures based on the legendary 1982 film, Blade Runner. While licensing rights to the movie have been notoriously impossible to obtain, the company has somehow done it and will soon bring the likes of Rick Deckard, Roy Batty, Rachel, and Pris to their popular figurine format.

Funko announced the upcoming line on Twitter:

Extremely lucky fans will find a “chase” version of Roy, which portrays his shirtless, bloody look from the end of the film. He’s even holding the dove in his hands and his hair is pummeled by rain! The set is scheduled to release in early January, 2021.

Here’s to hoping this is a successful line, because Funko could easily produce at least one more series of iconic figures from the movie. Gaff, Leon, Tyrell, Sebastian, Zhora, and more are all prime candidates for Pop! treatment.

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