Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips Try to Locate ‘Where the Body Was’ in New Original Graphic Novel

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips deliver another gritty noir thriller in December’s Where The Body Was original graphic novel from Image Comics.

Brubaker said the upcoming graphic novel is based off of memories from his past, as “This is a story I’ve been trying to find a way to tell for half my life. Inspired by a bunch of wild things that happened when I was a teenager in Southern California—from small time crimes to a murder plot—this book is kind of a diorama of a crime scene, with all the action confined to one small neighborhood… And it even comes with a map. I can’t wait for our readers to get their hands on this one, just in time for the Holidays.”

Where the Body Was incorporates a dozen different points of view, beginning with elements such as a house full of drug dealers, a neglected housewife, a young girl who thinks she’s a superhero, a cop who wants to be left alone, and a Private Detective looking for a runaway girl, all culminating in a Rashōmon-style murder mystery.

Look for Where the Body Was at your favorite comic shop on December 12.

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