Doctor Strange Battles Vampires in New ‘Vampiric Verses’ Epic Collection

Doctor Strange (or “Dr. Strange” as it was abbreviated on the covers of the original issues) returns in this Epic Collection from the early 90’s to put vampires back in their coffins and contends with all manner of supernatural and cosmic threats that the era could throw at him!

Doctor Strange: Vampiric Verses collects Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme issues #14-33 and Ghost Rider #12 and includes the original five part story “Vampiric Verses” from 1990 by Roy and Dann Thomas and Jackson Guice, as well as stories featuring Morbius, the Living Vampire, Brother Voodoo, Dormammu, The Mindless Ones, Clea, Baron Mordo, Topaz, Werewolf By Night, and Ghost Rider. Strange even reunites with fellow Defenders member Silver Surfer for three Infinity Gauntlet tie-in issues to wrap up the latest Epic Collection.

Roy and Dann Thomas handle the bulk of the writing in this collection, and Guice is joined by other notable artists from the era such as Tony DeZuniga, R. J. M. Lofficier, Lee Weeks, Ron Lim, Doug Hazelwood, Chris Marrinan, Mark McKenna, as well as Gene Colan, who returns to the character after a long absence in issue #19 (which also graces the cover of the Vampiric Verses Epic Collection).

The entire Epic Collection contains 504 pages of content for a suggested retail price of $39.99.

Look for the Doctor Strange: Vampiric Verses Epic Collection at your local comic shop on September 1 and keep checking back with Conskipper for all of your vintage comic news.

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