DC Comics Newest Aqualad Comes of Age in ‘Aquaman: The Becoming’ Mini-Series

Jackson Hyde (otherwise known as DC Comics’ current Aqualad) gets his chance to swim upstream by himself in a new six issue mini-series by Brandon Thomas, Diego Olortegui, and Wade Von Grawbadger this September.

Aquaman: The Becoming (out on September 21) is described by Thomas as “…a coming-of-age story for Jackson Hyde, marking his final transformation from Aqualad to Aquaman. When the series begins, Jackson has everything he’s ever wanted—acceptance, respect and a strong web of found family and friends around him. He and his mother are finally on the same page and his training with Arthur Curry (with an assist from Batman) is going extremely well. The shadow of his father Black Manta still looms, but he’s refusing to let that completely define him and his life. Everything is perfect.”

And as you can imagine, that happy status quo doesn’t last for long, as the creators put Jackson in a number of harrowing situations where he must confront his past and the legacy of his villainous father, as well as his relationships with other heroes and an ever-growing extended family.

Just in case you can’t wait until September 21, you can check out a short story featuring Jackson in the Aquaman 80th Anniversay 100 Page Super Spectacular on August 31.

Get a preview of the two covers for issue one (by David Talaski and variant cover by Khary Randolph & Emilio Lopez) and the first two pages of Aquaman: The Becoming #1 below.

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