General Mills Combines all the Monster Cereals into a Monster Mash

It was bound to happen and it was bound to be dubbed Monster Mash.

General Mills has just released a new limited-edition Monster Cereal creation, Monster Mash, featuring pieces of all five of its Monster Cereals: Boo Berry, Count Chocula, Franken Berry, Frute Brute and Fruity Yummy Mummy.

The devilishly sweet cereal (which celebrates the 50th anniversary of the Saturday morning favorite) combines the Boo Berry and Franken Berry cereal shapes with four different marshmallow pieces for a concoction only a mad scientist could create.

General Mills will also issue retro packaging for the top three monsters (with The Count and Frank being the originals from 1971, and the blue ghost following in 1973) that shoppers find on the shelves every Halloween season.

Frute Brute (formerly spelled Fruit Brute) came into existence in 1974 but was retired in 1982. Fruity Yummy Mummy was the last monster to the party in 1988, and only lasted until 1992.

General Mills brought all five cereals back for the Halloween season in 2013, and we haven’t seen the Brute or Mummy emerge from hibernation until now.

The Monster Mash will also be available as a limited edition fruit snack (packaged in regular and Trick or Treat size bags).

Check out the box artwork and a Behind the Music style parody of the making of the new Monster Mash cereal.

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