Discovery+ Examines the Potential ‘Alien Endgame’ in New Documentary

While most think of a large, purple alien when the words “alien endgame” are uttered, an upcoming discovery+ documentary examines the idea of an Alien Endgame in our reality.

The new two-hour documentary (which will premiere on discovery+ on May 20) takes its cue from 2021’s Pentagon report, which revealed that government official have indeed had discussions about UFOs (or UAPs, otherwise known as unidentified aerial phenomena).

Government insider Rich Emberlin (a 30-year law enforcement veteran who has worked with the CIA and FBI) believes that the recent report was just the tip of the iceberg, and is in search of more answers about an even greater possible cover-up.

Emberlin teams with investigative reporter Melissa Tittl and UFO field investigator Roderick Martin in the documentary and “…the trio travels across the country to meet face-to-face with former members of the military, including former Air Force security officer Mario Woods. For the first time in 43 years, Woods travels back to Ellsworth Air Force Base in South Dakota, and shares with the team his harrowing story of when he first saw a spaceship hovering over the base’s nuclear silos, followed by a terrifying encounter with extraterrestrial beings. The team also interviews the grandsons of Captain Thomas F. Mantell, a Kentucky Air National Guard pilot who died when his fighter plane crashed after being sent in pursuit of a UFO.”

Theoretical physicist Professor Michio Kaku is also on board and says that “I think we’re reaching a tipping point –traditionally, the burden of proof has been on the believers to prove these objects were extraterrestrial. Now, it’s reversed … where hearsay is being replaced by military-grade videotapes, radar sighting and infrared sensor reports that we physicists can analyze frame by frame.”

Get ready to dig deeper into a possible alien plot on Friday, May 20 on discovery+.

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