‘The Incredible Hulk: Crossroads’ Epic Collection Completes Bill Mantlo’s Run

Long-time Incredible Hulk writer Bill Mantlo’s five-year run (1980-1985) comes to an end in the upcoming The Incredible Hulk: Crossroads Epic Collection.

The latest Incredible Hulk Epic Collection contains issues #297-313, Annual #13, and a cross-over in Alpha Flight #29, primarily focused on Mantlo’s 14 part “Crossroads” finale.

The “Crossroads” storyline represented the Hulk’s first banishment (pre-Planet Hulk) at the hands of Doctor Strange, after Bruce Banner’s control of the gamma-irradiated giant begins to slip (with more than a healthy push into madness from Nightmare), leading to battle royale with fellow heroes in issue #300. The Hulk’s banishment to the new strange dimension forces him to combat physical foes and his own fractured psyche (which would pave the way for Peter David’s psychological examination of the character in subsequent years).

Mantlo is joined by artist Sal Buscema, Bret Blevins, Alan Kupperberg, Gerry Talaoc, Al Williamson, and Mike Mignola in the collection, which represents some of the strangest, and most engaging Hulk stories of all time.

The Incredible Hulk: Crossroads Epic Collection weighs in at 488 page, with a suggested retail price of $44.99. The collection will be available at your local comic store on May 3.

Check out Mignola’s classic cover (from 1985’s The Incredible Hulk #312) below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of you comic needs.

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