DC Announces Details About Upcoming Milestone Comics Titles

One of the most welcome announcements at 2020’s DC FanDome event was the return of the Milestone universe to DC Comics publishing schedule. It has been a long wait for any new news, but DC is now ready to reveal further details about the upcoming Milestone series.

February 26 brings the digital-first “extended cut” of the Milestone Returns #0 one-shot that was released during FanDome, which will contain an additional 24 pages of new story content (for a whopping 41 pages of “Dakotaverse” action in total) by Reginald Hudlin, Denys Cowan, Nikolas Draper-Ivey, Bill Sienkiewicz, and more. The print edition arrives in comic book stores on May 25. There will also be a “director’s cut” edition of Milestone Returns #0 with even more additional content about the upcoming StaticIcon & Rocket, and Hardware series.

Hudlin is excited to share the material with fans as “The response from fans after the DC FanDome panel was overwhelming, and that makes this news even more exciting for Denys and me,. Introducing these ‘seasons’ of Static, Icon, Rocket, and Hardware is just the beginning. There will be more stories with these favorite characters to come, and fans will see appearances from the legendary Blood Syndicate, setting the stage for an explosive Milestone event later in the year.”

In April, fans of the original comics and fans of the animated Static Shock series will be glad to see Virgil Hawkins back in action in a six-issue Static digital-first series. Icon & Rocket return next in June with a new digital-first series and Hardware will arrive in August, from the team of Milestone cofounder Cowan and Sienkiewicz. No release date for print copies of any of these series is currently available, but stay tuned for further updates on the inevitable release of these titles in a traditional comic book or graphic novel format.

And last but not least, Earth M, a new line of comics by Cowan and Hudlin is on the way “…which will include the return of Duo, introduced to readers in Milestone Returns “#0, and other characters who will also appear in Milestone comics.”

Be sure to check back with Conskipper frequently for further updates on these upcoming series and check out the new cover for Milestone Returns #0 and some concept art featuring Static and Hotstreak by Draper-Ivey.

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