Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks: July 21, 2021

Welcome back to Conskipper’s New Comic Day Picks for the week of July 21, 2021!

While last week dipped into a number of different genres, this week’s list is heavy on the spandex-clad heroes that continue to drive the business, but possibly with a different sensibility than most give them credit for. So it is time to take a gander at a star-studded list of perennial and cult favorites which comprise this week’s menu!

–Moon Knight #1 (Marvel Comics): There have been more Moon Knight series over the past two decades than trips to the psychiatrist for Marc Spector, but even with every reboot and reimagining, there is something about the characters that continues to draw in readers and creators. Jed MacKay and Alessandro Cappuccio take the reins this time around as we find Mr. Knight running a Midnight Mission that helps protect people from the bizarre and horrifying creatures (human and inhuman) that stalk the night. MacKay has proven very capable of taking characters and concepts throughout Marvel’s history and reinvigorating them (Black Cat, Taskmaster), and Cappuccio’s art work is perfect for crime/detective stories, so this one should be at the top of any “Moonies” list.

-Catwoman #33 (DC Comics): We stay on the dark streets with our next pick, albeit in a different “neighborhood”. Ram V continues his fine run on Catwoman and artist Fernando Blanco returns to the title for a new story arc called “Desolation Land”. Selina Kyle has established herself as the queen of Alleytown in recent issues, but it hasn’t been easy. Simon Saint and Saint Industries continue to cause more trouble in Gotham for Catwoman and everyone else, and this issue sets up the inevitable confrontation between Catwoman and Father Valley. With sly references to DC comics from the past and gritty, noir stoytelling, Catwoman is quickly becoming a must buy book.

-Superman and the Authority #1 (DC Comics): Fans finally get Grant Morrison’s return to Superman, as he gets to expand on DC’s current take on the original superhero and a chance to complete his work on the Authority. Morrison is joined by Mikel Janin for the five issue series, that sees Superman seek out Manchester Black to form an all-new clandestine Authority that can take care of types of problems that the Justice League might frown upon. The new series will tie directly into current Superman and Action Comics continuity, and the pairing of Morrison and Janin is off to an excellent start in this unlikely pairing of DC’s “moral authority” with a number of the company’s shadier heroes.

Tales from Harrow County: Fair Folk #1 (Dark Horse Comics): Cullen Bunn returns to Harrow County with new friend Emily Schnall for Tales from Harrow County: Fair Folk. Bernice once again takes center stage as the new protector of Harrow County, and with all of the fair folk, haints, and human residents, it is no easy task. It was high time for Bunn (who always has a multiple projects running at the same) to return to his and Tyler Crook’s original concept, and Schnall is up to the task of illustrating the new tale, with beautiful ink and watercolor designs.

-Shazam! #1 (DC Comics): Tim Sheridan, Clayton Henry, and Marcelo Maiolo continue Billy Batson’s troubles in their new four issue mini-series which ties directly into the current Titans Academy comic. The questions abound for Billy such as: why has the rest of his family been cut off from the power of Shazam, why are his own powers on the fritz, and how does he fit in at Titans Academy. This new Shazam series is sure to add layers to the current storylines taking place throughout the DC Universe, but it will also please long-time fans of the character.

That’s it for this week. Be sure to keep supporting your local comic shop in a safe manner.

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