Chip Zdarsky and Pasqual Ferry Imagine Peter Parker as Venom in ‘Spider-Man: Spider’s Shadow’

What if Peter Parker never got rid of his original symbiote suit? Would he have gone down the same path as original Venom Eddie Brock?

Writer Chip Zdarsky and artist Pasqual Ferry ask this intriguing question in April’s Spider-Man : Spider’s Shadow, which takes the character back to the original alien suit era.

Zdarsky is excited to tell a What If-style story in the new series “… with this tale of a Spider-Man gone bad! How bad will he be? Will he have a goatee and no hyphen in his name? Pick up issue one to find out! But seriously, I feel that with Spider’s Shadow we’re exploring some dark situations with Spidey and the Marvel Universe, while making it cool and fun to read.”

Ferry has waited his entire career to illustrate a Spider-Man story and believes that “Chip’s script is really shocking and surprising, a delight for someone fan of the character like me, and I’m sure it will catch the readers as much as it is drawing it with me.”

Check out the cover by Phil Noto and a sample page from Spider’s Shadow below and look for the “Venom-ized” version of Peter Parker in April at your favorite local comic shop.

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