CGC Comics Introduces The Collector Spinner Rack

CGC Comics collectors will soon be able to show off their collections the old fashioned way! In a press release, the company announced The Collector Spinner Rack, “the first and only spinner rack specifically engineered to hold CGC Graded comics.” The Spinner Rack company designed and manufactured the product, and it is approved by CGC.

The spinner rack has 32 pockets which can hold up to 72 slabbed CGC comics. It will be offered in both white and black, and it comes with four “retro-inspired” topper signs for fans who want to replicate the classic retailer look in their own homes. The Collector Spinner Rack will begin shipping to customers in late September 2020.

The first Spinner Rack was launched on Kickstarter in 2018, and it held Silver Age and Modern sized books. The Kickstarter campaign was successful and the company began manufacturing a new run of The Classic Spinner Rack in 2020.

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