‘Captain Britain’ Omnibus Collects Rare Marvel UK and Alan Moore Issues

The brand new Captain Britain Omnibus collects a number of rare Marvel UK issues, as well as the renowned Alan Moore and Alan Davis stories (although, as usual, you won’t find Moore’s name anywhere inside the omnibus).

The omnibus collects the origin of Captain Britain beginning in Captain Britain #1-39, followed by a host of additional exclusively UK appearances in Super Spider-Man and Captain Britain #231-#247, Hulk Comic, Hulk Weekly #1, 3-55, and 57-63, Marvel Super Heroes #377-388, The Daredevils #1-11, The Mighty World of Marvel #7-16, and Moore and Davis’ Captain Britain #1-14. If this seems like a lot of issues, even for a weighty omnibus, you would be correct, but remember that most of these appearances are from anthologies and magazines, and only the Captain Britain stories are included in this edition.

The rest of the omnibus focuses on Brian Braddock’s introduction into the Marvel Universe on the other side of the pond, beginning with Chris Claremont’s back-up story in issues #131-133 of the Amazing Spider-Man reprint series Marvel Tales, as well as Claremont and John Byrne’s Spidey/Captain Britain two-parter in Marvel Team-Up #65-66, followed by his first association with the X-Men in New Mutants Annual #2 (primarily due to his sister, Psylocke’s kidnapping) and The Uncanny X-Men Annual #11 (with both issues also being penned by Claremont).

Other writers and artists whose work is featured in the omnibus include: Gary Friedrich, Larry Lieber, Jim Lawrence, Steve Parkhouse, Dave Thorpe, Mike Collins, Jamie DeLano, Bob Budiansky, Len Wein, Paul Neary, Steve Craddock, Mark Farmer, Grant Morrison, Dez Skinn, Roy Thomas, Herb Trimpe, John Buscema, Ron Wilson, John Stokes, Steve Parkhouse, Pablo Marcos, Noel Davis, George Tuska, Howard Purcell, Fred Kida, Tom Palmer, Dave Hunt, Frank Giacoia, Mike Esposito, and Dan Adkins.

The mammoth omnibus contains 1,360 pages (and a mix of color and black and white stories) for a suggested retail price of $125.00. The Captain Britain Omnibus will be available at your local comic shop on April 13.

Take a gander at the standard Alan Davis cover, as well as the variant cover by Ron Wilson below and keep returning to Conskipper for all of your classic comic news.

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