Tate Brombal’s ‘Colonel Weird and Little Andromeda’ Joins Jeff Lemire’s ‘Tales from the Farm’ Substack Series

Black Hammer’s lovable “space cadet” Colonel Weird returns in a weekly series by Tate Brombal on Jeff Lemire’s Tales from the Farm Substack.

Colonel Weird and Little Andromeda is available for free through Lemire’s Tales from the Farm newsletter (also host to the ongoing original series The Last Days of Black Hammer and Fish Flies) and takes place in the Para-Zone and starts Weird and a young version of Doctor Andromeda, as they go one adventures through assorted strange worlds and alternative dimensions.

Brombal (who also wrote the recent Barbalien: Red Planet series) feels “…like the luckiest guy on the planet to be welcomed back into the Black Hammer universe! And this time nothing is off-limits, as we take this unlikely duo across worlds and genres in a project that could only be possible in this format. It’s truly a dream come true for a writer to work with so many artists of this caliber. And from the beginning, Colonel Weird and Little Andromeda was designed to be the best possible canvas for our artists to cut loose and showcase their art form. So, strap in for a breathtaking, formative tale that is integral to who Colonel Weird and Doctor Andromeda become. Fans of Black Hammer and the comics medium will NOT want to miss out on this!”

Some of the artists that will take part in the series are: Ariela Kristantina, Ray Fawkes, Andrea Sorrentino, Marguerite Sauvage, Yuko Shimizu, Dani, Tyler Bence, Nick Robles, Shawn Kuruneru, and Tyler Crook. 

Lemire is excited to see his characters back in action, with Brombal at the wheel, saying that “Colonel Weird continues to take on a life of his own as both a fan favourite and my own personal favourite Black Hammer character. It’s a wonderful, strange dream come true to see so many talented artists interpreting the Colonel, and Tate and Ray (Fawkes) have done a great job anchoring the whole thing and building a surprising new chapter that fans will love.”

No announcement has been made at this time regarding a physical copy of Colonel Weird and Little Andromeda, but it can be assumed that one will be on the way from Dark Horse Comics once the Substack series wraps up.

Check out the cover below and stay tuned to Conskipper for more Black Hammer news as it breaks.

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