The ‘Annihilation’ Wave Returns for a Third Omnibus

It seems like Marvel fans can’t get enough of Annihilation, as the space war saga gets collected once again in 2022, the third time the Omnibus has been offered to the public so far as a collected edition.

The new edition of the Annihilation Omnibus contains the same mini-series from 2005, 2006, and 2007 that comprise the entirety of Dan Abnett and Andy Lanning’s brainchild, which features an Annihilation wave unleashed from the Negative Zone, led by long-time Fantastic Four villain Annihilus. The cosmic threat brings together a desperate group of heroes (and villains) in the form of Nova, Drax, Silver Surfer, Super Skrull, Ronan the Accuser, Quasar, Blastaar, Gamora, and even Thanos, to combat overwhelming odds.

In full, the 880 page omnibus contains: Drax the Destroyer #1-4, Annihilation: Prologue, Annihilation: Nova #1-4, Annihilation: Silver Surfer #1-4, Annihilation: Super Skrull #1-4, Annihilation: Ronan #1-4, Annihilation #1-6, Annihilation: Heralds of Galactus #1-2, and the Annihilation: The Nova Corp Files one-shot.

In addition to Abnett and Lanning, the collection contains work by writers Keith Giffen, Javier Grillo-Marxuach, Simon Furman, Christos Gage, and Stuart Moore, and artists Mitch Breitweiser, Scott Kolins, Ariel Olivetti, Kev Walker, Rick Magyar, Renato Arlem, Jorge Lucas, Greg Titus, Andrea Di Vito, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stefano Landini, and Mike Mckone.

Annihilation was originally collected as a series of thee hardcover editions in 2007, followed by the first Omnibus in 2014, the two volume Complete Collection in 2018, and 2019’s second Omnibus edition.

The latest omnibus edition retails for $125 and will be available on May 4.

Gabriele Dell’otto’s original art graces the cover of the standard cover once again and Andrea Di Vito’s art appears as a variant cover for the first time.

Check out both covers below and be sure to come back to Conskipper for all of your comic needs.

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