Zack Snyder Reveals Superman’s Black Costume in ‘Justice League’ Clip at Justice Con

Zack Snyder had a surprise for Justice League fans during his appearance at Justice Con, a fan-run convention dedicated to the film. The director revealed a black costume for Superman, which will appear in his upcoming cut of the film on HBO Max.

In the brief clip- which appears starting at 38:09 in the video below- Henry Cavill’s Superman bumps into Alfred for the first time, showing off his new duds. During the panel, Snyder said he chose a black suit for Superman to represent his resurrection from death, after Doomsday destroyed his classic costume and “killed” Superman.

While many fans of Snyder’s dark take on Superman will be thrilled by this reveal, Snyder said it was a struggle to get the studio on board with the look, and he had to reshoot the Alfred scenes with the traditional blue and red costume:

“I would argue for the black suit all the time and they said it was not a good idea … I knew it was the correct evolution for him after he rose from the dead. But the perception of the black suit was just, ‘You’re trying to make the movie dark and not hilarious.'”

 Zack Snyder’s cut of Justice League is scheduled to premiere on HBO Max sometime in early 20201. Stay tuned to Conskipper for complete coverage of this exciting project as soon as it breaks!

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