Yen Press Acquires ’86-Eighty-Six’, ‘Kingdom Hearts III’, and ‘Wizards of Mickey’

Yen Press announced the acquisition of three new manga titles today, one based in the world of science fiction and two from the world of Disney including a manga retelling of the popular Kingdom Hearts III video game.

In the manga adaptation, Sora travels with his friends Donald and Goofy to reclaim his lost power and enlists the help of many popular Disney and Pixar characters along the way. Kingdom Hearts III is written by Tetsuya Nomura and drawn by original Kingdom Hearts’ artist Shiro Amano.

Continuing the Disney theme, Wizards of Mickey is another series that will appeal to fans of Kingdom Hearts as Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck and Goofy are transported to a fantasy setting where Mickey’s pursuit of magical artifacts is the jumping off point for adventure. Wizards was originally published in Italy in Topolino, a digest magazine which included Disney comics, as well as many other publications worldwide in several languages. Wizards of Mickey has also been adapted as both a video and trading card game.

The final acquisition, 86-Eighty Six by Asatao Asato and Motoki Yoshihara, is in the classic sci-fi vein of series like Code Geass and Mobile Suit Gundam. According to the official press release, the story is “Filled with political and military intrigue” and revolves around a society “Long besieged by the fully autonomous killing machines known as the Legion, the Republic of San Magnolia endeavors to turn the tide of war by employing autonomous weapons of their own…”

Kingdom Hearts III, Vol. 1 and Wizards of Mickey are scheduled for a November 2020 release. 86-Eighty-Six will be releases a month later in December of 2020.

Check out the preview covers for all of the news series and stay tuned to Conskipper for more information on all of these new series from Yen Press.

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