‘Wonder Woman-The Silver Age’ Omnibus Vol. 2 Dives into More Whimsical Adventures

DC Comics continues to reissue some of their Silver Age comics in the second volume of the adventures of Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman the Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 2 contains Wonder Woman #124-149 (from 1961-1964) by Robert Kanigher, Bill Finger, Ross Andru, and Mike Esposito.

Dragons, giant snakes, aliens, dinosaurs, and sea creatures make up the majority of Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl’s adversaries, with a few “super villains” thrown into the mix as well such as Mer-Man, Amoeba-Man, the Human Iceberg, the Multiple Man, and the Phantom Sea Beast.

Wonder Woman and Wonder Girl also get a little help from Mister Genie at very points in the collection (although the forgotten character usually causes more harm than good). The ladies also have to deal with constant advances from various men in their lives from both heroes and villains.

This omnibus features issues with fully restored color and contains a brand-new foreword by comics historian Trina Robbins, who was the first female artist to draw Wonder Woman.

Wonder Woman the Silver Age Omnibus Vol. 2 consists of 704 pages for a suggested retail price of $100.00.

Check out Andru’s cover below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your vintage comic news.

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