Tini Howard and Francesco Mobili Reward Mutants who Lost X-Men Vote in ‘Secret X-Men’ One-Shot

Just in case your pick didn’t make the cut as the final member of the Krakoan Age’s first team of X-Men, Strong Guy, Forge, Tempo, Boom-Boom, Marrow, Armor, Cannonball, Sunspot, and Banshee will team-up as the Secret X-Men in February’s one-shot by Tini Howard and Francesco Mobili.

Those that lost the first X-Men vote spring into action to save the daughter of Professor X and Xandra, the empress of the Shi’ar in this special, and judging by the title, these mutants are going to have to keep the proceedings on the down low.

Check out the cover by Leinil Francis Yu below and look for Secret X-Men #1 in your favorite comic shop on February 9.

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