Fans Select Polaris as the Final Member of the New X-Men Team Via Online Vote

Fans made their voice heard in the first X-Men team member online election and they went with the “green party”, selecting the green-haired and costumed Polaris.

The magnetic mutant won a close race against another green-garbed X-Man, Banshee. Polaris will debut as the final member of the all-new X-Men team that will during June’s Hellfire Gala and she will be featured in July’s new X-Men title by Gerry Duggan and Pepe Larraz.

Here were the final results (Guido came in last?!? I demand a recount!):

1)      Polaris
2)      Banshee
3)      Sunspot
4)      Forge
5)      Tempo
6)      Armor
7)      Boom-Boom
8)      Marrow
9)      Cannonball
10)    Strong Guy

Duggan is looking forward to writing the character as a part of the new team and he stated that “Pepe and I are thrilled to have Polaris aboard this year’s X-Men team. Leah and David made her shine in X-Factor, and we’re going to make sure she continues to rock in X-MEN. The outline is done and dusted, and every member of the team is going to have their issue not just to be the coolest mutant, but the most important character in the Marvel Universe for one month.”

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