Three-Part Documentary on DC Comics’ History and Cultural Influence Coming from HBO Max

A brand new three-part documentary series about the history and cultural impact of DC Comics is coming to HBO Max from The Imagineering Story’s director and producer Leslie Iwerks.

Iwerks calls the DC Universe a “…vast, rich and incredibly cool, and we’re looking forward to bringing the untold stories of the characters, artists and storytellers to life in a fresh new way.” 

Current Publisher, CCO, and comic art legend Jim Lee is looking forward to the series showcasing DC’s “…rich legacy of over 80 years of iconic storytelling: from the introduction of the genre defining Super Hero Superman in 1938 to the amazing movies, TV shows, cartoons, games and comics which have been synonymous with superheroism for generations thereafter. We are so excited to dive into this history and bring fans along this amazing journey.”

The documentary series is executive produced by Leslie Iwerks, Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden, with co-executive-producers Mark Catalena, Rachael Jerahian, and Jonathan Gabay. The series will be co-directed by Iwerks and Catalena.

No release date has been announced as yet, so stay tuned to Conskipper for further information about the currently untitled documentary series.

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