Arrow Video’s Limited Edition ‘Legend’ Blu-Ray: The Conskipper Review

Arrow Video’s upcoming release of Ridley Scott’s Legend is the finest way to watch, collect, and enjoy the classic and influential fantasy film. Featuring a restored US Theatrical Cut, the full Director’s Cut, and more extras than what would be considered possible by any other home video producer, this is a set that any Legend fan would be proud to have on his or her shelf.

The new 2K restoration of the US Theatrical Cut from the original materials, including a 4K scan of the original negative is simply marvelous. Scenes are beautiful, colorful, and evocative of a wide range of feelings throughout, and this is the best way to ever watch Legend. The beautiful set pieces and special effects of the film come to life with vivid greens and blues and blacks, and viewers won’t help but shout “Wow!” at the visuals numerous times during the film’s brisk runtime. The Tangerine Dream score opens up the fantastical qualities of the film and image and sound work together on this production to create an otherworldly experience for the viewer.

Like many of Ridley Scott’s classic films, Legend benefits from having a Director’s Cut to let the film breathe and to further flesh out the beautiful worlds he creates. Arrow’s presentation of the Theatrical Cut is a sight to behold… there just isn’t enough footage there to deliver Scott’s entire vision. The theatrical cut works better as a music video or a dream than as a fully realized Ridley Scott production. Interestingly, however, Tom Cruise and Mia Sara’s characters still maintain an elusive quality even when their scenes are given more time to breathe in the Director’s Cut. The Jerry Goldsmith score for the Director’s Cut changes the tone of many of the scenes, and different fans have different opinions on which musical interpretation is better. What’s nice is that Arrow Video makes it so fans don’t have to choose… Tangerine Dream will always be there for you on the Theatrical Cut and Jerry Goldsmith will always be waiting on the Director’s Cut.

Like most of Arrow Video’s limited edition releases, Legend has never looked this gorgeous! It’s house in a thick, attractive slipcase with brand new artwork, and the case is loaded with high quality printed materials such as lobby card reproductions and professional-looking stills. The perfect-bound book contains new essays and beautiful imagery, and the fold-out poster is rich in detail. This set belongs on a bookshelf alongside the fantasy classics!

Video extras span across both discs, and include archival Universal bonus features and new materials produced exclusively for this set. My personal favorite bonus feature this time around is “Incarnations of Legend“, a video essay on the different versions of Legend by Travis Crawford. In it, Crawford details the importance of Ridley Scott Director’s Cuts across his entire career and it delves into the changes in tone and content throughout the various iterations of Legend. It serves as a solid primer on the storied production of the film, and it helps the viewer get into the lore behind the picture. One guilty pleasure the set recreates is the movie tie-in music video for “Is Your Love Strong Enough?” by Bryan Ferry. Fans could spend hours going through these video materials and never feel like any of them are superfluous.

Regardless of your favorite cut of the film, Legend looks beautiful and it sounds amazing in this new limited edition release from Arrow Video. It is the perfect addition to any Ridley Scott collection and any fantasy collection.

Legend releases on October 12th, 2021. Stay tuned to Conskipper for complete coverage of the hottest Arrow Video titles as soon as it breaks!

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