‘The Exorcist’ Haunts Theaters Again for 50th Anniversary in October

William Friedkin’s director’s cut of The Exorcist returns to theaters to celebrate Pazuzu’s 50th Anniversary on the silver screen this October.

The terrifying film which sent viewers running back to places of worship in 1973 (which was strangely enough released the day after Christmas) returns as a special Fathom Event on October 1 and October 4, with the additional 12 minutes included in the director’s cut and a new 4K restoration created from the original camera negative. The re-release also features a remixed audio track by Atmos.

The screening will also include a look at The Exorcist’s Georgetown locations and how they have transformed since 1973.

The director’s cut was initially released by Warner Bros. in 2000 as “The Version You’ve Never Seen”.

For those who can’t wait to experience the film in theaters until October, a new 4K UHD and Digital version of the 50th Anniversary will be available on September 19. It does not appear that The Exorcist 50th Anniversary will be available in a standard Blu-ray edition at this time. The 4K and digital editions will include both the original theatrical version and the director’s cut.

The Fathom Event takes place a few weeks (October 13) before the release of a brand new sequel to the original film by David Gordon Green entitled The Exorcist: Believer.

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