‘Superman vs. Shazam’ Collection Highlights the Heroes Greatest Battles

Superhero fights are usually a Marvel thing, but when they occur in the DC Universe, two of the most evenly matched combatants are The Man of Steel and the World’s Mightiest Mortal.

DC Comics will reissue the previously released Superman vs. Shazam collection from 2013 this March with 64 new pages of story and a number of new entries in the history of their epic battles.

Superman vs. Shazam includes: Superman #276, The Power of Shazam! #46, Kingdom Come #1 and 4, DC Comics Presents #33, 34, and 49, All-New Collectors’ Edition #C-58, and DC Comics Presents Annual #3. Superman #276, The Power of Shazam! #46, and the Kingdom Come issues did not appear in the original graphic novel. For collectors, the inclusion of the All-New Collectors’ Edition #C-58 treasury sized issue from 1978 may be the top reason to purchase this new edition, as the over-sized comics from Marvel and DC have seen a recent uptick in prices.

Superman vs. Shazam will hit stores on March 16. Check out the Andy Kubert cover below and keep coming back to Conskipper for all of you comic news.

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