‘Star Wars: Life Day’ #1 Channels the Spirit of ‘Star Wars Holiday Special’

George Lucas’ worst nightmare returns in the form of Marvel Comics Star Wars: Life Day #1 by Cavan Scott and Ivan Fiorelli this November.

The holiday-based anthology (Life Day, not to be confused with Christmas) includes a tale starring everyone’s favorite Star Wars duo, Han Solo and Chewbacca, as they find themselves in a blaster battle where Chewie needs to call on all the lessons he gleaned from hundreds of Life Days’ past to help them out of the mess that they find themselves in.

The new special comes with three different covers by Phil Noto, Jan Duursema, and Chris Sprouse’s full Holiday Special-inspired Wookies in red robes variant.

Get ready to spread some cosmic holiday cheer on November 24 at your galaxy’s favorite comic shop.

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