‘Spooked’ Podcast Returns for Sixth Season

Whether it’s in the form of Halloween decorations or haunted houses – fall means fright for many horror fans. 

But you don’t have to be a horror fan to appreciate a good ghost story, and Snap Judgement’s podcast Spooked features all sorts – from angry spirits and demons, to lost souls trying to connect with the living. 

Spooked just recently launched its sixth season (which will run for 26 episodes) with a tale of a woman dealing with ghosts at the museum where she interns and another about a man protecting his father from a demon.

The show features stories from people who contact the producers about their paranormal experiences. Each story is expertly produced, sometimes told by a narrator, but mostly they are told by the person who actually experienced the activity. 

I personally stumbled across Spooked during its first season in 2017, and ran through the episodes I missed in no time, listening to them while driving or doing work around the house. Many times I would listen to stories before I fell asleep at night – which sometimes ended up being the wrong call… 

It’s opening theme song (which always follows host Glynn Washington’s introduction to the podcast) is oddly comforting, even though I know what I’m about to hear will probably scare the hell out of me.

Below are a few of the best stories currently available from previous seasons of Spooked to get you started:

Season 1: 

“The Watcher” – Stories include “Houdini’s Promise” and “The Night Mother,” but my favorite story here is the last one – “Voice in the Woods.”  A young woman finds herself in a tense and dangerous situation but gets some help that she can hear but can’t see.

Season 2: 

“Iron Gate” – While in an empty house in Baghdad, an American soldier is forced to confront a less earthly threat. 

Season 3: 

“The Thin Place”: A paramedic can see more than everyone else when someone suffers a fatal injury. 

Season 4: 

“The Deer Stand”: A hunter has a startling vision of a family member who has passed. 

Hellevator: A local police officer gets a few frantic calls from security at a deserted senior home, and when he goes to investigate, he soon finds out why.  

Season 5: 

“Disembodied Busybodies”: A woman apparently has to solve a little problem of having to share her home with a pushy couple who have been dead for some time.

New episodes of “Spooked” are available to subscribers of the Luminary channel on Apple Podcasts.

Those who have a story to share can contact the show at spooked@snapjudgment.org.

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