SiriusXM’s SCREAM Radio 2023 Returns on October 12

Even though Halloween enthusiasts would love to see more dedicated SiriusXM Halloween channels, the one and only SCREAM Radio returns to the airwaves on October 12.

SCREAM Radio is exclusively available on channel 107, offering a witch’s brew of spooky sound effects, Halloween music, ghost stories, horror film scores, old-timey radio clips, and more.

Listen for airings of The Freaky 50 (a top 50 countdown of Halloween songs) at various times on SCREAM Radio throughout the channel’s limited run (or find it as an on-demand special on the app).

Be sure to keep checking the official SiriusXM blog for more Halloween programming updates for all of the other channels throughout the Halloween season.

Stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your Halloween news all year long!

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