She-Hulk Starts ‘Breaking the Fourth Wall’ in New Epic Collection

1989’s Sensational She-Hulk series brought the jade giantess back in a big irreverent way, including a pre-Deadpool breaking the fourth wall sensibility.

For those who missed out on the fun the first time around, or are looking for a light-hearted trip down memory lane, the She-Hulk: Breaking the Fourth Wall Epic Collection is sure to satisfy (especially with odd-ball villains like the Circus of Crime, the Toad Men, Stilt-Man, Xemnu the Titan, and Madcap on hand to add to the festivities).

Fourth Wall collects Sensational She-Hulk #1-12, the two-part prestige format mini-series She-Hulk: In Ceremony, and She-Hulk stories from Solo Avengers #14, Marvel Comics Presents #18, and Marvel Fanfare #48.

While most associate Sensational She-Hulk with John Byrne (who launched the book and stayed on for seven issue before his return in issue #31), the Epic Collection contains work by many writers and artists of the era such as Steve Gerber, Peter David, Dwayne McDuffie, Chris Claremont, Richard Starkings, Gregory Wright, Robin D. Chaplik, Dwight Jon Zimmerman, Bob Wiacek, Al Gordon, Bryan Hitch, Al Milgrom, Walt Simonson, Steve Leialoha, Trina Robbins, June Brigman, Stan Drake, Alan Davis, Joe Rubinstein, and Kerry Gammill.

The She-Hulk: Breaking the Fourth Wall Epic Collection consists of 448 pages for a suggested retail price of $39.99 and will be in stores on May 11.

Check out the Byrne cover below and stay tuned to Conskipper for more classic comic updates.

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