Sam Kieth and Chris Ryall Team-Up for July’s ‘The Hollows’ One-Shot

Sam Kieth and Chris Ryall bring a new science fiction adventure to comic shops in July with The Hollows over-sized one-shot.

The brand new story from Image Comics takes place in a near-future Japan, where “…spectral, once-human husks prey on the unfortunates who couldn’t find salvation in the skyscraper-like trees that now dominate the decimated landscape. A discredited scientist works furiously to find a cure, until a one-eyed orphan girl and her pet, uh, Urp, force him to rethink everything he knows…

Ryall says that “Working with Sam Kieth is always an invigorating, inspiring time. The Hollows was a true blending of our ideas, worlds, and styles into something wholly unique and engaging for me as his co-creator. And I hope people who read it feel the same way.”

Fans can look for The Hollows at their local comic shop on July 27, which will available with two covers by Kieth and Ashley Wood.

Check out Kieth’s cover below and stay tuned to Conskipper for a review in the “near future”.

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