Rom Returns to Marvel Comics in New Omnibus

Marvel Comics and Hasbro have reached a new agreement to bring Rom the Space Knight back to his original comic book home, beginning with a brand-new Omnibus edition in January 2024.

The Rom: The Original Marvel Years Omnibus Volume 1 captures issues #1-29 of the 80s favorite by Bill Mantlo, Sal Buscema, and Joe Sinnott. The Omnibus also includes Rom’s crossover with Luke Cage and Danny Rand in Power Man and Iron Fist #73.

The first volume explains the origins of Rom and his fellow Space Knights and their never-ending battle with the Dire Wraiths, and fully incorporates the chrome-platted hero into the Marvel Universe with guest appearances by the Uncanny X-Men, Doctor Strange, Nova, Jack of Hearts, and the rarely-seen-since Torpedo.

The “Rom-nibus” will be available with the original Frank Miller cover and a comic shop variant cover by George Perez.

In addition to the Omnibus, fans will be able to relive the excitement of buying the first issue of Rom off the racks at your local drug store or 7-11 with a new facsimile edition of Rom’s comic book debut in September.

Rom’s comic book adventures were most recently published by IDW (2016-2020), where the Space Knight teamed up with other former Marvel toy licensees such as The Micronauts and The Transformers, as well as headlining a number of solo mini-series.

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