‘Power Pack Classic’ Omnibus Vol. 2 Collects the Second Half of The Original 1980’s Series

The Power Pack is back! And although the group never used that catchy phrase, Marvel’s Power Back is indeed back in the form of Power Pack Classic Omnibus Volume 2, which completes the first 62 issue series from the 1980s.

The new collection starts with June of 1988’s Power Pack #37 and ends with issue #62, as well as a number of limited series and guest appearances in Excalibur (1988) #29, Power Pack Holiday Special #1, Power Pack (2000) #1-4, Fantastic Four (1998) #574, FF (2011) #15, Power Pack (2017) #63, Power Pack: Grow Up! #1, and stories from Marvel Super-Heroes (1990) #6, and Marvel Fanfare (1982) #55

The tales include work by a host of writers and artists such original creators Louise Simonson and June Brigman, Jon Bogdanove, Dwayne McDuffie, Devin Grayson, Jonathan Hickman, Collen Doran, and While Portacio among others.

Power Pack Classic Omnibus Volume 2 will be available in comic shops on June 16 (with the standard cover by Bogdanove and a direct market only variant cover by Brigman) and in bookstores on June 29.

Check out both covers below and be sure to keep checking back with Conskipper for all of your classic comic news.

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