‘Power Man and Iron Fist: Hardball’ Epic Collection Highlights End of Series

The reissue of 2015’s Power Man and Iron Fist: Hardball Epic Collection brings the original series to a dramatic end.

The collection includes issues #108-125 of the series which ended in 1986 with the apparent death of Danny Rand.

All but three of the issues are written by Christopher Priest (as Jim Owsley, with others by Archie Goodwin, Alan Rowlands, Tony Isabella) with art by Mark Bright, Jerry Acerno, Greg LeRocque, Billy Graham, Steve Geiger, Andy Mushynsky, Danny Bulanadi, Mike Esposito, Brad K. Joyce, and Keith Williams.

The last few years of the series are marked by Priest’s emerging storytelling abilities and showdowns with a host of bizarre adversaries such as Nightshade, Discus, Stiletto, the Eel, Man Mountain Marko, Captain Hero, and Control-7. The duo also teams with Falcon, Doctor Druid, Misty Knight, and Colleen Wing in various issues, and the entire Avengers team (and believe it or not, the Chicago Bears) in the last issue of the series.

The Power Man and Iron Fist: Hardball Epic Collection consists of 464 pages and retails for $39.99.

Look for the collection at your favorite comic shop (and any of the other three Power Man and Iron Fist volumes available) right now.

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