‘New Mutants’ Take Top Spot at Weekend Box Office

Even in odd times, a win is a win, and the long-delayed New Mutants was tops at the box office with an estimated $7 million in ticket sales.

While the figure would be extremely low for a box office winner in normal circumstances, with only 62% of all theaters open across the United States (and no New York or Los Angeles theaters open) and with auditorium capacity between 25%-50% to allow for social distancing, New Mutants made an admirable showing this weekend.

According to Deadline, New Mutants played best in Dallas, Houston, Chicago, Phoenix, Orlando, Denver and Salt Lake City. New Mutants audience was made up of 66% males and 34% females, and 61% of the audience was between 18-34.

New Mutants TomatoMeter has also climbed since Friday, as reviews continue to be added to the calculation, raising the score for the film from 20% on Friday to a current score of 32%. While a 32% approval rating is nothing to get excited about, it is certainly an improvement.

Check back next week as more markets open up around the country for the release of Christopher Nolan’s highly anticipated sci-fi film, Tenet.

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