‘Moon Knight: Shadows of the Moon’ Epic Collection Returns to Stalk the Night

The early adventures of Marvel’s very own mixed-up midnight marauder are collected once again in the Moon Knight: Shadows of the Moon Epic Collection.

Shadows of the Moon comprises a good chunk of Doug Moench and Bill Sienkiewicz’s character- defining run (even in the face of multiple reboots and reimaginings) of the original Moon Knight series (1981 and 1982’s issues #5-23).

This collection contains a host of odd-ball and horror-based villains (and allies) such as Arsenal, Stained Glass Scarlet (a crossbow carrying killer nun), Daredevil’s The Jester, Morpheus, Brother Voodoo, the Midnight Man, Bushman, Nimrod Strange, The Moon Kings, and assorted ghosts and werewolves (one of Moon Knight’s specialties).

The Moon Knight: Shadows of the Moon Epic Collection was originally published in 2015 and the new edition (in stores now) contains all of the same 512 pages for a retail price of $44.99.

It is a good time to be a fan of Moon Knight with Disney+’s upcoming Moon Knight series starring Oscar Isaac, a new monthly comic, and a plethora of classic reprint material available.

Check out the cover by Bill Sienkiewicz below (which also includes a back cover by Frank Miller and Joe Jusko).

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