‘Mike Murdock Must Die’ in ‘Daredevil’ Epic Collection

We understand that some of horn head’s foes might want to kill Matt Murdock, but why would they want to kill someone named Mike Murdock?

Luckily for you, Marvel has decided to reissue 2018’s Daredevil: Mike Murdock Must Die Epic Collection to clear up any confusion.

The Epic Collection focuses on some of DD’s earliest crime fighting escapades by Stan Lee, Gene Colan, Frank Giacoia, Dick Ayers, John Tartaglione, and George Tuska in Daredevil #22-41.

In the earliest days of Matt Murdock’s career, he actually juggled three separate identities as Matt Murdock, Daredevil, and his own “twin brother,” Mike Murdock.

The Silver Age stories delve into this confusing mix and also include a memorable body swap with Doctor Doom and guest appearances by Spider-Man, Thor and Ka-Zar.

Plenty of the Man Without Fear’s villains are on display in the collection, with Leap-Frog, the Gladiator, the Masked Marauder, Tri-Man, the Dancer, the Mangler, the Brain, Mr. Hyde, the Cobra,┬áthe Beetle, the Trapster, Stilt-Man, the Maggia, and the Unholy Three showing up to cause trouble.

The Daredevil: Mike Murdock Must Die Epic Collection also includes Daredevil Annual #1 wherein Electro debuts his Emissaries of Evil (a sort of lower rent Sinister Six) and Fantastic Four #73 by Lee, Jack Kirby, and Joe Sinnott featuring a hero-on-hero battle to find out if Doom is still inhabiting Daredevil’s body.

A Daredevil strip from Not Brand Echh #4 also adds a little comic relief to the always complex life of Murdoch.

The Daredevil: Mike Murdock Must Die Epic Collection consists of 520 pages for a suggested retail price of $49.99.

Check out the cover by Colan and Giacoia below and stay tuned to Conskipper for all of your vintage comic news.

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