Mike Mignola Sketch Launches ‘Radio Spaceman’ in March

The all-new Dark Horse Comics series Radio Spaceman by Mike Mignola and artist Greg Hinkle has been cleared for launch this March.

According to Mignola, the rocket fuel that ignited the project “…started in very much the way Hellboy did—A fast sketch done just for fun and a funny name that just popped into my head,” said Mignola. “That was during the early days of covid-19, when I was banging out sketches to entertain myself and posting them online. People seemed to like the guy, and I liked him—I did five or six sketches of him, but had no plans to do anything REAL with him. I didn’t have a story for him until, suddenly, one day I did. I wasn’t trying. It just happened. I don’t remember how exactly, but I’m suspecting it was one of those things that came to me in the shower. Most of the best ideas happen there.”

Hinkle says that “Every single panel of Radio Spaceman has been fun to draw, and working with Mike on this has reminded me what a blast comics can be” and that the story involves “A machine man with a floating skull. Men with light bulbs sticking out of their heads. Extraterrestrial caves with ancient idols. Towering monsters. Alien bears. Vampires! Any one of these things would’ve made an interesting story. But when Mike Mignola calls and wants to mix them all up, you can’t help but get very, very excited.”

Radio Spaceman #1 (featuring a cover by Mignola and Dave Stewart that you can take a gander at below) will be available at your local comic shop on March 2, 2022.

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