Dan Slott to Write Three ‘Doctor Who’ Annuals for Titan Comics

While many of us associate writer Dan Slott with web-swinging, interstellar surfing, and a foursome who gained their powers through a bombardment of cosmic rays, Slott also has a great love for a particular time travelling Doctor from across the pond.

Slott will embark on his first Doctor Who journey (along with artist Christopher Jones) with April’s annual Doctor Who Special 2022 from Titan Comics, featuring the Tenth Doctor and companion Martha Jones , who is captured by the Pyromeths and attempts to survive by cunningly distracting them with untold tales about the Tenth Doctor’s battles with classic and brand new adversaries.

Slott is quick to point out to fellow Who fans that “One of the worst secrets in comics is that I am one of the world’s biggest Whovians! I’ve been regularly watching Doctor Who since the Tom Baker years, and am deeply devoted to every incarnation of the show! I’ve been waiting to write stories for the Doctor my whole life! And I couldn’t be happier than getting a chance to tell an all-new tale of the Tenth Doctor – and to be doing this with Chris and all the fine folks at TITAN! Allons-Y!”

Look for the first of Slott’s three specials in April 2022.

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