Mezco Toyz 5 Points XL ‘Godzilla: Destroy All Monsters’ (1968) Round 2 Boxed Set: The Conskipper Review

For old school Godzilla fans, Destroy All Monsters holds a special place in our hearts for being the Toho Studios film with the most monsters per square foot on the silver screen.

With all of those monsters running amuck, when Mezco Toyz announced a new 5 Points XL set dedicated to film, fans knew that one set wouldn’t be enough to wrangle all of the creatures that originally appeared in Destroy All Monsters, hence the arrival of Round 2!

Speaking of the Round 2, you didn’t get brain washed by one of the Kilaaks, for some unknown production reason Round 2 beat Round 1 to the factory, so collectors will have to wait a little longer for the first set (which should be on the way between April and June).

But enough about Round 1, what critters are included in Round 2? None other than the three-headed antagonist of Destroy All Monsters, King Ghidorah, as well as Godzilla’s number one son, Minilla, and compatriots Gorosaurus and Baragon.

As with other figures in the line, each figure includes interchangeable heads, arms, legs, or effects so collectors can switch up the monsters as the mood suits them.

King Ghidorah already has so many heads, that his accessory consists of three gravity lightning beam that easily attach to his three heads. Already the biggest monster in the set by far (at just under 5″ tall), the King’s lightning makes him even wider and more impressive.

From biggest to smallest, Minilla comes with a set of alternate arms and an alternate smoke-blowing head (the smoke ring is a separate piece that attaches to the alternative head). Minilla’s inclusion in this set will certainly increase its value in the after-market scene, as he is one of the hardest characters to find in any form (he is also one of the easiest to lose, so be careful with that boy!).

Another rare figure is Baragon (a four-legged, horned reptile) complete with an alternate head and a second pair of legs that allows collectors to reposition him.

Gorosaurus doesn’t have any extra features, but many fans appreciate the classic dinosaur stylings of the character.

Each figure is fairly easy to stand up on their own, but each one comes with a rather generic square base to give them a little more leverage.

Once the first set is released, Godzilla collectors will have plenty of choices to make in setting up their favorite scenes from the film, with a total of eight Kaiju champs. With a suggested retail price of $85, this set is a good value, especially for those used to ordering high-priced imports from Japan (especially due to the rare nature of Minilla, Baragon, and Gorosaurus).

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